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One of the most popular destinations in Greece, Kos island is located on the south eastern side of the Aegean Sea. This is a place with both tourist and secluded spots. As Kos receives many charter flights from abroad, many places around the island are getting really busy in high season. However, there are also places staying away from crowds and keeping their relaxing atmosphere. Beaches in Kos vary from organized coasts with luxurious hotels and water sports centres, to secluded, naturism-friendly beaches. Holidays in Kos can be combined with many other islands of Dodecanese, like Rhodes, Nisyros or Leros.

Kos is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. It is the third largest of the Dodecanese islands with a rich archaeological interest and natural beauty. Kos is highly preferred by the young crowds given the vivid nightlife in the capital. At first sight the island gives the impression of a large city dominated by numerous hotel complexes and high buildings. However, a walk at the center reveals all the treasures of Kos starting from the medieval castle, the plane tree of Hippocrates and other ancient remains. Equally interesting villages are found in the beautiful surrounds of Kos like the mountainous village of Zia located in the centre of the island. Some great facilities are found in Kardamena, one of the most popular resorts in Kos. This section proposes a map of Kos with all the major locations of the island

Kos Beaches

The beaches in Kos are some of the most beautiful in the Dodecanese islands. The majority of Kos beaches are sandy with crystal blue waters. Many Kos beaches are organized and offer plenty of tourist facilities, like Kardamena, Agios Stefanos, Kefalos and Lambi, while others are secluded and frequented by naturists. You will find below a list with the best beaches in Kos island. 

Mastichari beach is located 27 km south of Kos town and 3 km north west of Antimachia. Its white sand and emerald waters give this place the ultimate exotic atmosphere. At the centre of the beach you will find plenty of colourful sunbeds and umbrellas and some watersports facilities. A long tuft of trees lie on the surrounding area and provide an excellent spot for some cool shade. The settlement lies around the natural bay and offers plenty of tourist amenities like accommodations, restaurants, cafes and shops. It is usually busy during the day.The little port of the village offers daily connections to the island of Kalymnos. 

Thermes is one of the most idyllic places to visit in Kos. It is a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by steep cliff and dark clean waters, known for its hot springs. It is located 12 km from Kos town. In front of the beach lies the famous seapool with the hot springs, a rounded lake sheltered by rocks. In this pool, hot water mixes with the water coming from the sea and offering a natural warm bath. Thermes offers one of the most pleasurable experiences to relax your body and soul and consists a perfect therapeutic method for all visitors, especially those who suffer from muscle pains. Once arriving, next to the parking area there are some places where travellers can sit and have a drink. Once parked, a road will lead you down to the beach, it usually takes about 5 minutes. In addition to the occasional visitor facilities, this area counts on many accommodation options, such as comfortable hotels, as well as some motels and guest houses situated close to Thermes. The area is a much preferred destination among tourists and Greek travelers.   

Kefalos Beach Kos: Kefalos is a popular beach lying 40 km west of Kos town. It is surrounded by a lots of greenery and has the coldest yet truly crystalline waters of the island. Its famous settlement lies around the natural bay receiving a great number of visitors. Along the waterfront you will find lots of taverns offering fresh fish as well as cafes with an excellent view to the sea. Tourist facilities and water sports are available at Kefalos. The fine Monastery of Agios Nikolaos is located at a very short distance to Kefalos.

Agios Stefanos Beach Kos: Agios Stefanos is located 40 km southwest of Kos town and 3 km northeastern of Kefalos. The rocky region around Agios Stefanos is covered with beautiful flowers and lush vegetation. The beach consists of sand and pebbles. The remains of old Christian temples are found nearby which are quite an impressive theme for your photos. However, the most interesting part of the area is Kastri, a small islet standing as a desolate castle in the middle of the sea. All of these features are uniquely combined to create a lovely environment for the visitors. The waters are shallow and many umbrellas line the coast providing nice shade.

Paradise Beach Kos: Paradise is one of the most popular beaches in Kos, located 30 km from Kos Town and 7 km from Kefalos. Paradise beach stays true to its name preserving an excellent combination of white sand and crystalline waters that attracts many visitors.It is worth visiting this beach for the famous air bubbles that come out from the shore formed by the volcano of the neighbouring Nisyros Island. The beach is quite well-organized with umbrellas and sundecks and a water sport center. It is high on accommodation options and there are numerous taverns serving fresh fish and Greek cuisine.

Kardamena Beach Kos: Kardamena beach is one of the best spots for swimming and sunbathing. It is located 30 km southwest of Kos town in front of the tourist resort. The beach is covered with soft sand and stretches for over three km until the port. Its fine crystal waters attract many visitors while sunbeds and umbrellas are available along the coast. Due to its developed infrastructure, Kardamena are quite popular among tourists and Greek travelers. The settlement offers various accommodations and modern amenities for pleasant vacation. 

Lambi Beach Kos: Lambi is one of the closest beaches of Kos town, easily accessed within a short walking distance. The long sandy coast stretches for 1 km until the island's port. It is well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and various restaurants overlooking the sea. Some snack bar and cafes are found right on the beach. 

Marmari Beach Kos: The endless sandy beach of Marmari is located 20 km southwest of Kos Town and 5 km from Pyli. At this beautiful beach one can enjoy the various facilities like sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports facilities. Along the waterfront taverns, restaurants and accommodations are found with a view to the enchanting landscape and the blue sea. 

Tigaki Beach Kos: Tigaki beach lies relatively close to the city of Kos, only 11 km from the capital. It is true that Tigaki is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a refreshing swim and relaxing sunbathing. The long sandy beach stretches for 10 km covering a huge area of white sand. Along the coast are colorful sunbeds and umbrellas while the beautiful scenery provides a mix of flowers and greenery that hugs the coast. Tigaki is a nice spot to practice your favourite watersports. Various hotels, furnished apartments and rooms for rent, travel agencies, shops, bars, taverns and cafes are scattered around the surrounding area. 

Psalidi Beach Kos: The lovely beach of Psalidi is located 3 km east of Kos Town, on the road leading to Agios Fokas and Thermes. This long beach consists of sand and pebbles and is quite well-organized with umbrellas and sundecks. For the more adventurous tourists, there are many water sports centers as well. Moreover, they have the opportunity to enjoy the Greek cuisine and fresh fish in the seaside taverns situated nearby. Many luxurious hotels can be found there and the beach is easily accessible by taxi, car or public buses. For your romantic walks in the beach, Agios Fokas is the perfect place with an amazing sunset and a wonderful view. 

Camel Beach Kos: Camel beach is located 30 km southwest of Kos Town and 6 km to Kefalos. It is a fine sandy beach with pebbles and clean water. It is well-organized offering all the needed facilities, even a water sports center. There are few accommodation options around this beach, which is less busy that other coasts in the region. There, it is mostly a place to relax among an impressive rocky surrounding. Few umbrellas and sun beds line Camel beach. 

Kamari Beach Kos: Kamari beach is located 45 km southwestern from Kos Town and 2 km eastern of Kefalos. It is a beautiful beach well-organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, accommodation and some taverns with fresh fish dishes. The beach stretches for 5 kilometers and it is a pole of attraction for visitors due to its clean and crystal water. The surrounding region is rocky and has few greenery. The water is among the coldest in Kos and nearby there is a small port for yachts and fishing boats. 

Lambi Mylos Beach Kos: Lambi is one of the closest beaches to Kos town. It stretches out over 1000 meters and due to its proximity with the town centre it is a pole of attraction for hundreds of people every day. The beach has the privilege of offering a plethora of facilities required for a pleasant summer day. It took its name from a cafe bar called Mylos situated right above the beach.

Marmari Limnaria Beach Kos: Marmari is located 15 km west of Kos town and 4 km from the picturesque village of Pyli. Well-organized with sun beds and umbrellas, this beach is quite long and covered with soft sand. The strong winds that blow during the summer makes this beach great for windsurfing and other sea sports. It is no wonder why many water spots centres have their base on this beach, offering windsurfing courses and rental equipment. In close distance you will find some quieter coves for total privacy. 

 Polemi Golden (or Magic) Beach Kos: Polemi beach, also known as Exotic or Magic Beach, is located 32 km south west of Kos Town. In front of the kiosk there are sun beds and straw parasols were the naturists use. Beyond the sun beds there are no facilities and the wide sandy beach stretches away. The beach is mostly used by nudists not worrying for the few rare cases who wear normal swimsuits. The beach is long, sandy, with clean water, while the surrounding region has few vegetation.  

Town Beach Kos: This small beach can be easily accessed within a short walking distance from the main town of Kos. It is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and it is close to all amenities, however there are other prettier beaches to swim in Kos. It is also known as Zouroudi beach. This is a suitable alternative if you are in Kos only for a short visit and you do not want to get away from the port. There are some hotels and taverns surround this beach, whose shore is pebbled and a bit deep.